We often hear that a photo is worth 1000 words … if that is true, certainly a video is worth 10,000 words. A photo is static, frozen in time and a video is dynamic and instantly engages your targeted audience with the underlying message you want to convey. Most people do not read text today but a video engages them instantly.

The question is: why would you have a photo of your team members on your website and not a video of each of them introducing themselves? It takes the same amount of real estate on the page but helps improve your business in many ways:

If you have salespeople or brokers in your organization, it will help create a rapport with leads and existing customers. This is critically important in today’s age, where so many transactions are initiated online. RV, Boat and Car dealers, insurance companies, real estate offices, financial institutions, and any organization with a sales force, are ideal candidates.

If you own a Health and Wellness Clinic and you have associates, you might be booked weeks in advance but your associates might not be as busy as you are. A profile video on the “Team” section of the website and for each associate, will give the potential new patient an opportunity to get to know the associate and understand more about their skills, background, philosophy around health, etc. This will create that element of trust that is so hard to establish upfront.

A business is truly the sum of its parts and every single component is important. As an example, entrepreneurs know how difficult and costly it is to acquire new clients. On the other hand, all it takes is one mistake, one wrong word or poor service, to lose one. This is why doing profile videos on your entire team goes a long way in establishing trust, confidence and showing a strong foundation for your business. Many of us have heard how people switch car dealerships after having had one bad experience bringing their car for maintenance. Consumers do not like to see a high turnover in a business they rely on for services: it subconsciously indicates that employees might be treated poorly, which usually goes hand in hand with poor customer service. Investing in profile videos for your employees indicates that you are investing in them and plan on keeping them for a long time.

If you are planning to sell your business or make it go public, it is essential to show that you have a strong team around you. We often hear “What happens if you get hit by a bus?” as a way to show concerns that you might be indispensable: that doubt can easily be alleviated by showing how dedicated and passionate your entire team is.

Profile videos are usually quite short and to the point: 60 to 80 seconds. They consist of each staff member speaking briefly about their background, what they love about what they do, their areas of interest, and specific skills. 

We do profile projects as a package price, and the investment depends on the numbers of people to interview, all shot in the same day and providing it is the same location for all the capturing.