What would be involved with producing a highly engaging marketing piece?

Leader story videos can also take another dimension when showcasing business owners, entrepreneurs, authors or artists in great depth.

We will have a creative meeting with you and your team to pull some important details that should be in the messaging of the video. This is truly valuable if you are a coach as an example, if you have a new book to sell, if you are an artist … There is so much noise and information online and it has become a very crowded space: a documentary style, profile video filmed over a couple of days and including interviews from clients and friends or family members, will help raise your profile over the masses and give you the exposure you reach for.

This type of “story” video is usually a bit longer, in the 4 to 9 minutes range but can also become an entire mini documentary on your achievements. We generally film for 2 or 3 days and your story showcase will likely have a few testimonials sprinkled throughout the video.

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