In order for your website to be effective, it is important to follow the AIDA formula. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Have I got your attention?
Are you interested?
Do you desire what we are offering?
Are you ready to take action?

This principle was beautifully illustrated by the ruthless, but successful character played by Alec Balwin in the movie classic Glengarry Glen Ross.

Most business owners are unsatisfied by their website and it usually is because they do not feel it is bringing the amount of business they deserve.

The problem is that most web designers might be very good at graphic design and technology, but they lag behind when it comes to truly understanding the psychology behind who is visiting the site.

This is perfectly illustrated when you find a beautifully designed website, with gorgeous graphics and colours but the phone number of the business is almost impossible to find. Web “Designers” understand “Design”. They do not, in most cases, understand “Conversion”.’

That can lead to major frustration for a potential new client who will then leave the site and check the competition.

Are you one of these business owners, frustrated at their website?

  • You feel that it is outdated and do not represent where your business is at today
  • You get traffic but they do not stay on the site long enough
  • You feel that your website is not generating the amount of leads you expect and the phone is not ringing.
  • Your website is too slow to load.
  • You are stuck on page 5 of Google, even though your business is well established.

What we do different

At Citrus Pie Media Group, we take the same approach when creating a website, as we do when we produce a marketing video: the purpose of the video is to generate business, not just to look and sound pretty. The same applies to website creation. We take a MARKETING and SALES approach, grounded in our vast experience as business owners, entrepreneurs, events and video marketers.

We also know how hard, expensive and time-consuming it is, to always have to acquire new clients. For that reason, we encourage you to have an area on your website, dedicated to providing valuable information to your customer base. A good way to stay in touch is a newsletter as an example, and we also encourage having a strong presence on social media. Remember that the most effective and affordable way to build your business is from within!

We understand the importance of videos to convey a clear, effective message and the role they should play on the site. We also know where they should be located and what the goal of each video should be. Having a video on the home Page, is equivalent to having an engine with a Turbo in your car: you add another 30 to 40% in performance. Why? Because the video, if it is well done, will achieve what no text or photos can do: it will get visitors to TAKE ACTION. Remember: nothing happens in business until people actually BUY your products or services.

Ultimately, it comes down to clearly identifying who your ideal customers are, and then having content and design that they can identify with, almost immediately. We know that it is not about you but about THEM. We should always answer the question “What is in it for me?” and craft the messaging around it. In order to have a website that converts, you need to stress the problems your targeted audience is facing, and how your company offers the solutions. It needs to be done in an engaging and empathetic way.

We are big fans of testimonials, coming from clients and peers in the relevant industries. Why? Because they offer social proof and help moving the needle toward a final decision reached by the prospects.

Having a clean, modern and uncluttered design, easy for people to navigate, will also go a long way in achieving the goals you want your website to attain.

With Citrus Pie Media Group, you can be assured that you are in good hands. After having designed over 120 websites and 3000 videos, we have acquired the experience and knowledge your business deserves and we make the whole process easy and smooth, applying the same KISS principle we follow in our video production. We look at website creation as a partnership with our clients. 

We understand how sensitive and personal website creation is. For this reason, we are totally invested in the process. We share our knowledge, ideas and really listen to your needs, so that we achieve results that exceed your initial expectations. 

Ultimately, what motivates us the most, is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and our business has been built mostly on referrals.

Let’s Get Started! We look forward to hearing from you.