Award-Winning Video Production

We believe that as business leaders, trailblazers, entrepreneurs, wellness advocates, you are an ongoing source of inspiration and that Passion acts as a magnet.

Our focus is to beautifully capture your story, in order to create a ripple effect having a positive impact in the World.

  • We believe in the KISS PRINCIPLE​

Is this how you run your business?

  • Some people MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, some people watch things happen, some people say “What just happened?”

what category do you fit IN?

Video Solutions for Any Business

Effective and easy

As a business owner, you are busy and often overwhelmed but you understand the value of getting videos done. We produce videos in the least intrusive and the most effective way, so as not to disturb the flow of your business.

Shine the light on unique features and benefits

We live in an increasingly fast paced and competitive world and you might be affected by increased competition. We strive at finding-out what makes your business stand-out and focus on showcasing your differentiators.

Clarify your vision

Due to the daily grind of never ending tasks you face as a business owner, you might be working more IN the business, not ON your business. Going through the exercise of video production with us, will give you more clarity on what sets you apart and your overall vision.

Turbo-charge your website

You might be tired of spending ongoing money on SEO and advertising. Getting a video produced by us, will turbo-charge your website and social media efforts.

Fun and inspiring process

You love the idea of getting a video done for your business, but might be intimidated by the process. We make sure that the entire journey is easy, fun and inspiring for you and your team.

Create a legacy

As the owner of a family based successful enterprise, you might feel the need to take stock of what you have built and pass it on to the next generations. We can effortlessly make this become a reality and tell your story in an inspiring way.


Hundreds of businesses in North America have trusted Citrus Pie Media Group to produce corporate videos, TV commercials, product videos, photography, legacy Projects, social media clips, aerial footage, crowdfunding videos, profile videos and websites. We have also written, directed, and produced 4 feature-length documentaries, 1 online Summit with Expert Interviews, and a dozen live events.

Proudly Canadian

Citrus Pie has been a Vancouver Based Video Production since 2010 with a large client base across Western Canada including Kelowna, Victoria, The Cowichan and Comox Valley, Kamloops, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and smaller towns in between.

We have developed in-depth knowledge and understanding of several vertical industries like: Health and Wellness, RV and Boating, Commercial and Residential Construction, Wineries, Lifestyle and Tourism, Start-Ups, Vegan, Social and Environmental causes.

Citrus Pie Media Group’s YouTube channel has 61K subscribers and over 32 million views. We know how to generate traction from the videos we produce for our clients.

We have been making NEWS! – Citrus Pie has been on news media platforms such as CBC, CTV, and local news organizations such as Castanet, North Shore News, Victoria Times, Nanaimo Times, Edmonton Journal, Zoomer Media, etc.


We love telling Stories. We believe that the key to create transformation and for people to take action, is inspiration. When we produce a video, we always strive to build-up momentum toward the end, in order to leave the audience moved and inspired. Our experience in producing feature length films has given us valuable insight in how to tell a story with maximum impact.

The best way to acquire and retain clients today is by sharing the story behind your business. The time of “flashy” and aggressive marketing tactics is long gone. We have done this effectively for over 900 businesses across North America. Rise above the pack and call us today to get the journey started!